Audio Temple has been in the Home Audio business since 1994, initially under a different name and in different premises, however always with the same emphasis in the category of High-End Audio or even State-of-the-Art Audio.

We have always been on the look for well-established manufacturers, with multi-year presence in the market, whose products have received great accolades and awards from the international Press due to their unique technological breakthroughs which enable them to reproduce the musical event quite naturally.

Some of our partner manufacturers are  Da Vinci AudioGraham Engineering and Zanden.

Another area in which we pay attention to is after-sales support, providing full warranty and technical coverage for repairs and upgrades.

Audio Temple seeks the seasoned and discerning audiophile, yet biased-free, who is willing to try anything new and worthy in the market, during his continuous pursue for the ideal which is the true musical experience.

Our protracted stay in a market characterized of intense competition and saturated with all kinds of worthy and less worthy products, warrants our dedication to the subject matter of our mission, which is nothing else, but the satisfaction of those trusting us.